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Extend the use of stainless steel tubing fittings method

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In the user's choice of stainless steel compression fittings, the performance of the equipment and the benefits it can bring is the first factor to consider, however, in the process of use, in addition to improving the use of efficiency there is a very important work, that is, to extend the use of time. Because this greatly saves costs. The following Wangkun tube industry for you to extend the use of stainless steel pressurized pipe fittings time of small methods.
First, gas-shielded welding; welding in the gas protection of the stainless steel surface of chromium and nickel will not occur under the chemical reaction, to ensure that the original qualities of stainless steel fittings and corrosion resistance;
Second, pickling passivation: can make the water pipe and pipe fittings outer wall has a layer of thin and dense, hard passivation film, is to prevent corrosion from occurring the root cause;
Third, bright solid fusion: stainless steel compression fittings after molding, welding process, it is necessary to go through 1050 degrees of solid fusion treatment, used to eliminate the internal stress of stainless steel pipe fittings due to deformation, reduce stress corrosion, so that the intergranular changes in the pipe fittings welding process is restored, the carbide is dissolved in the austenite, to prevent any adverse effects;
Fourth, the sealing material: sealing material is the key point of the service life of stainless steel pressurized fittings, the service life of the sealing material determines the service life of stainless steel piping.
Extend the use of stainless steel pressurized fittings time is the method is this, the user may wish to process the fittings according to the above, the correct operation, not only will extend the use of time, but also on the use of efficiency is also helpful.

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