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China's stainless steel processing industry facing new opportunities for development analysis

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Hunan's first stainless steel water pipe manufacturers, Hunan Wangkun tube industry of the editor to bring you to see the stainless steel processing industry is facing new opportunities for development analysis
In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, China's stainless steel consumption is also a rapid growth trend. 1990-2005, China's stainless steel consumption of stainless steel apparent average annual growth rate of 23.4%, is the same period of the international growth rate of 4 times (the same period of the international stainless steel consumption of stainless steel apparent average annual growth rate of 6%). The rapid growth of China's stainless steel consumption, stimulating the rapid development of the domestic stainless steel industry, supported by relevant government policies, less than ten years in a short period of time, China's stainless steel production has grown from more than 200,000 tons in 1998 to the level of 5 million tons in 2006, the production capacity is increased to more than 10 million tons.
At present, in China's stainless steel consumption structure, in addition to some high-end products such as ultra-wide, ultra-thin and other specifications are still dependent on imports, low-end products have been basically self-sufficient, stainless steel consumption is completely dependent on imports of the situation has improved greatly, and exports are also expanding rapidly. Some statistics show that in 2006, China's stainless steel actual production of about 5.1 million tons, the growth rate of about 60%, imports fell to 2.6 million tons, exports increased to 600,000 tons.
However, compared with the developed countries in the stainless steel industry, Clean Pipeline China's stainless steel industrial system is not perfect, especially in the deep processing and distribution of stainless steel, compared with Japan and South Korea and other stainless steel production powers, there is still a big gap. China's stainless steel industry development started late, stainless steel social demand growth rate is too rapid, resulting in the development of China's stainless steel industry, the first problem to be solved is to rapidly increase production to meet the growing social demand, and gradually replace imports to complete the first "quantitative change" and then "qualitative change "The two-step leap. At present, China's stainless steel industry has completed the development of "quantitative change" accumulation process, is currently facing a "qualitative" metamorphosis.
Compared with the development of China's stainless steel industry, China's stainless steel deep processing and distribution services industry development is relatively lagging behind, especially in recent years, China's residents living standards have greatly improved, stainless steel consumption has entered the lives of ordinary residents, in 2006, China's stainless steel apparent consumption has increased to the level of 6 million tons for the development of China's stainless steel deep processing industry has laid a very good foundation for consumption. In addition, stainless steel products enterprises in order to cater to consumers, will inevitably find ways to improve product quality to occupy the market, so that the surface of stainless steel deep processing, such as electroplating, electrolytic polishing, shot blasting, etching, coloring, coating processing, etc. provides a good space for development.
From the industrial chain, stainless steel deep processing industry and stainless steel downstream products enterprises are interdependent, competing for the development of the two industries. Steel production enterprises through the steel deep processing products, can establish a long-term stable strategic alliance with downstream enterprises, is conducive to promoting the development of new varieties of stainless steel industry, quality improvement and market expansion, stainless steel water pipe is to make the steel products to the downstream value-added extension to improve the competitiveness of the product market an effective way.
Some analysts pointed out that with the release of China's new production capacity, in 2007, China's stainless steel market competition will be more intense, stainless steel deep processing may become the industry's new profit growth point and investment direction. From the current market operating trends, some companies have been stainless steel deep processing and product sales services as one of the main expansion direction of enterprise development. It can be said that the development of stainless steel deep processing business has become China's stainless steel enterprises to deal with the fierce market competition, improve product competitiveness development strategy.
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