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Promote the upgrading of home drinking water pipes with technological innovation

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Today's stainless steel welded pipe manufacturer Hunan Wangkun pipe industry editorial take you to see the technological innovation to promote the upgrading of home drinking water pipe
Accompanied by the national "Belt and Road" strategy continues to promote China's water treatment industry with advanced countries in the increasingly close contact. QUATECH CHINA Shanghai International Water Exhibition (referred to as: Shanghai International Water Exhibition) brings together various fields of the water treatment industry, each link and product categories of exhibitors to form a section with a clear theme, bringing together the world's major first-tier brands, the water industry well-known national pavilions gathered in an important industry exchange platform, and a leap into a new era. The world's major first-line brands, the water industry's well-known national pavilions gathered in an important industry exchange platform, and has become the world's first major international water treatment exhibition.
In the current consumer upgrading, supply-side reform continues to promote the background, drinking water health has become more and more attention to social issues, with thin-walled stainless steel as a representative of the new materials are increasingly widely used. Wangkun pipe industry always adhere to the quality to lead the market, technology to create value business philosophy, focus on independent technological innovation, to create core competitiveness. In terms of thin-walled stainless steel water pipe for home decoration, according to customer demand, Wangkun Pipe Industry launched a polished, original color, overlaying three categories of products, caliber covering DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, to meet the customer's needs for open, concealed, buried / wall and other use of a variety of environments. Stainless steel industrial welded pipe
In order to minimize the installation time and reduce the installation cost, Wangkun Pipe Industry has introduced the quick-connect fittings with multi-national patents in addition to the clamping type fittings. This type of pipe fittings are made of 304 stainless steel, unique saw tooth design without connecting tools, you can get extremely strong mechanical strength and vibration resistance; dispersed double EPDM rubber at high temperature and high pressure, with good extension and compression properties, to ensure that the sealing performance does not leak.
In the field of stainless steel industrial piping, the company has launched a series of products with many specifications, including DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN133, DN200, DN300 and so on.
At present, Wangkun Pipe Industry is recruiting city partners all over the country. With high quality products, large profit margins, professional marketing, perfect after-sales service and good customer experience, Wangkun Pipeline Industry is becoming an important force in the domestic thin-walled stainless steel drinking water pipeline system. In the future, Wangkun Pipeline will continue to strengthen technological innovation and product development, create value for customers with better products and services, and create a healthier drinking water environment for consumers.
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